The Freelancer

Virtual Assistance is a service provided by a Virtual Assistant.

Freelancer or Virtual Professional (VP) is an independent professional that assists clients in his/her area of expertise. A professional VA provides administrative, creative and/or technical services from their own homes – online on a contractual basis.


You will benefit from my passion for arts and editing, knowledge in integrated marketing and experience in client servicing. You can rely on me with graphics designs, video editing, account management, research, blogs, event organization, public relations, advertising and marketing consultations. You never have to worry about work relationship, unresponsiveness and confidentiality. I can help you organize, present and grow your brand. You can enjoy peace of mind because I’m in charge of your requirements, account, work or people.

If you are a self-employed professional who are looking for someone who are working flexibly from home, to outsource your office tasks, free up your time and leverage your brand, then I could be the person for you. Finally you’ve found the most creative, passionate and reliable Virtual Professional!

Summary of Technical Skills

Here are my Skills Test results with Upwork. More Skills Test results will be posted soon. You may check my Upwork Profile

Here are my Skills Test results with Upwork. More Skills Test results will be posted soon. You may check my Upwork Profile “Anna Maria Concepcion Termulo


  • WordPress
  • Trello
  • MyHours
  • Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.)
  • WeTransfer
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Prezi
  • Google Docs
  • Google hangouts
  • Dropbox
  • Canva
  • Paypal
  • Upwork
  • and more


  • Skype
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe InDesign (basic)
  • iMovie
  • Macintosh Applications
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and Powerpoint)
  • and more

Corporate accomplishments

  • Managed 5 clients with products in the field of mobile, laptop, air conditioner, finance and skin care
  • Organized clients’ files, monitored press releases and written status reports
  • Prepared and processed Ad Standard Council permits and Department of Trade and Industry promo permits of the clients
  • Organized 4 corporate events and 2 product launches
  • Researched for suppliers, bloggers, media and other requirement for clients’ event
  • Created powerpoint presentations and conceptualized campaign proposals
  • Helped to layout a registration website for a Youth lifestyle magazine contest

Non-work History

  • Resource Speaker, Basic Advertising, Paulinian Ventures Expo
  • Hawker/Sales Staff, Bo Sanchez’s Books, Shepherd’s Voice Publication
  • Marketing Head, Insta Artist’s Center, St. Paul University Manila
  • University Events Usherette, Public Relations Unit, St. Paul University Manila
  • Stage Manager and Floor Director, Creative and Events Group, The Feast PICC
  • Stage Manager, Bo Sanchez’s Kerygma Conference
  • Ministry Head, Facilitator and Graphics Designer, Light Of Jesus Youth Missions
  • Organizer, Videographer and editor, Search for the Outstanding Paulinian Students of the Philippines
  • Contributing writer, Shepherd’s Voice Publication’s Didache Youth
  • Resource Speaker, Jomar Hilario’s Webinar “Selecting the right computer for your Virtual Career”
  • Resource Speaker, Jomar Hilario’s Webinar on how to prepare for your Virtual Career
  • Host, Jomar Hilario’s Virtual Career Seminar

Short Employment History

  • Account Executive, Concepts360 Integrated Marketing Inc.
  • Contributing writer, SM Home – Home Tips
  • Media Production Assistant, VegasNET Media
  • Freelance Video Editor, Video Tutorials, Rianna Ramirez
  • Freelance Layout Artist, 2014 Yearbook, St. Paul University Manila
  • Graphic Designer and Production Assistant, TV Maria Foundation Inc.

Mentoring, Seminars and Courses Taken

  • Work at Home Expo 2015 with Work at Home Moms and Singles
  • Balancing business, home and heart with Ms. Marilen Montenegro
  • Virtual Assistant Seminar and Webinars with Jomar Hilario
  • Dynamic Communication Seminar with St. Paul University Manila
  • Introduction to Information Technology with Ms. Maridel Negradas
  • Interpersonal Communication with Ms. Lalaine Mallari
  • Introduction to Advertising with Ms. Emily Mones, MAFAD
  • Graphic design principles with Ms. Emily Mones, MAFAD
  • Creative copy writing with Ms. Emily Mones, MAFAD
  • Editorial Design with Ms. Emily Mones, MAFAD
  • Integrated Marketing Communication with Ms. Jean Traballo
  • Principles of Advertising and Public Relation with Mr. Carlito Viriña
  • Art of Film with Mr. Jan Philippe Carpio
  • Print Design and Production with Ms. Emily Mones, MAFAD
  • Account Management and Values Advertising with Ms. Emily Mones, MAFAD
  • Basic Photography with Ms. Emily Mones, MAFAD
  • Non-Linear Editing with Mr. Jan Philippe Carpio
  • Problem Solving in Advertising with Mr. Dennis Prince Germano
  • Media Management and Entrepreneurship with Atty. Maria Theresa Dela Vega
  • Business English with Ms. Marge Revilla

HomeWorks? Let’s do it!


Skype: maann.termulo

Upwork ID: annatermulo

Or simply fill up my Contact Form.








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