GetGo hails as Digital Marketer of the Year

DSCF5105.JPG was awarded Digital Marketer of the Year by Cebu Pacific’s Lifestyle Rewards Program GetGo during their second anniversary celebration last March 31, 2017 at the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion in Taguig. bested three other competent nominees including other travel service providers and banks.

The Digital Marketer of the Year Award was judged based on the partner’s active participation in promoting the partnership’s proposition by creating effective contents using different relevant digital channels, not limited to SNS. As the future of travel gets more exciting with the continuous thrive of technology, these efforts to actively inject useful information and connect with members online definitely helps the journey of every traveller. has been a GetGo lifestyle partner since 2015 in accord with their objective to provide quality leisure services through traveling. In its campaigns, has created weekly features for GetGo that was featured in their website, newsletters, and official SNS.


The joy of successful partnership. From L to R: GetGo GM Nik Laming; team: Karen Luminario, Cyra Penol, General Manager Takumi Nakazawa, Business Development Manager Pinky Librada, Steffi Manikan, and Aldo Reyes; and Cebu Pacific Chief Executive Adviser Michael Szucs.

The Digital Marketer of the Year award was received by Ms. Pinky Librada, Business Development Manager of It was awarded by Mr. Michael Szucs, Chief Executive Adviser of Cebu Pacific, and Mr. Nik Laming, General Manager of GetGo’s Loyalty Division.

Other GetGo lifestyle partners that were awarded were Robinsons Land Corporation (Outstanding Promoter), Petron (Customer Whisperer), Citibank (#TheSocialTrendsetter), and BPI (Promo of the Year).

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COL Financial advocates financial literacy among Filipinos

The leading online stockbroker in the Philippines, COL Financial, in partnership with SM Investment Corporation, successfully conducted their nationwide financial literacy summit, SMart Investing – COL’s 2016 Wealth Building Summit for the Filipino Investor.


The summit aims to educate Filipinos so they can understand how investing and the stock market works. Over thousands of participants from Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, and Manila were able to participate in and learn from the educational and informative talks by some of the financial industry leaders in the country.

Dino Bate (COL Financial President & CEO).JPG

COL Financial President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dino Bate opened the summit with his inspiring welcoming remarks to all the participants, which was followed by the presentation of COL Wealth Building Specialist, Jed Velarde, who highlighted smart and effective ways to invest in the stock market.

Edward Lee (COL Chairman & Founder).JPG

On his keynote presentation, COL Financial Chairman and Founder Edward Lee shared the many different investment styles and their unique attributes, saying that, “to be a successful active trader in this market one must understand the rules and manage his risk properly to avoid any major set backs.” 

Marvin Fausto (COL Fund Expert).JPG

Meanwhile, COL Fund Expert Marvin Fausto pointed out that the most important thing to remember in investing through mutual funds is to apply the principle of S.M.A.R.T.: Stay Invested, Manage Risk, Asset Allocation, Regular Investing, and Target Reviews.

The summit also convened representatives from the top fund houses in the Philippines for an informative panel discussion: Phillip Hagedorn, Managing Director for Equities of ATR Asset Management; Augusto Cosio, President of First Metro Asset Management; Carol Tinio, Vice President and Head of Partnership of Philam Asset Management; Wilson Sy, President of PhilEquity Management; Valerie Pama, Director and President of Sun Life Management; and Ruben Espiritu, President and Director of BPI Investment Management Inc. 

Fund Houses Representatives 1.JPG

The afternoon session was spearheaded by COL Head of Research April Lee Tan and COL Chief Technical Analyst Juan Barredo, who discussed COL Financial’s mid-year market briefing. The summit concluded with a panel discussion with investment experts and representatives from SM Investments, BDO, and SM Prime, which was followed by a Q & A session.

COL Financial is the Philippines’ largest online stockbroker, established in 1999 with the goal of educating Filipinos on how to invest in the stock market the easy and convenient way. Today, with over 170,000 customers and a client equity of around Php56 billion, COL Financial is clearly the Filipino investor’s most trusted stockbroker.

Crowd 2.JPG

The company continues to make investing even more convenient, with the recent addition of the COL Fund Source, the first and only fund supermarket in the country. Through the COL Fund Source, Filipinos can now invest in 26 pre-selected mutual funds from the top six mutual fund houses in the country using a single online platform. “COL has revolutionized the investment landscape by being the only independent source of funds online that will provide our customers a smart solution in making confident investment decisions,” says Marvin Fausto.

Through events such as the SMart Investing Summit, and through new products such as the COL Fund Source, COL Financial remains committed to financial literacy and to helping its clients build their wealth and achieve financial independence.

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Build Wealth the Smart Way

The Philippines’ most trusted online stockbroker, COL Financial, and the largest Filipino conglomerate, SM Investments Corporation, will be sharing their secrets to investing success in this month’s “SMart Investing – COL’s 2016 Wealth Building Summit for the Filipino Investor.”

By joining this free summit, Filipinos can increase their financial literacy and find out what it takes to invest your way into financial security and independence.

Learn about stock market investing in the Philippines and discover how to grow your portfolio by investing in mutual funds. Hear from an impressive team of financial experts, including COL Financial Chairman and Founder Edward Lee, Philippine Stock Exchange President and CEO Hans Sicat, COL Fund Expert Marvin Fausto, and the top fund houses of the Philippines:  ATR Asset Management, First Metro Asset Management, Philam Asset Management, PhilEquity Management, and Sun Life Management.

COL invite with sponsors

Participants will also be able to sit in on COL’s mid-year market briefing in the afternoon session, spearheaded by COL Head of Research April Lee Tan and COL Chief Technical Analyst Juan Barredo. In addition, each day’s activities will come to a close with a panel discussion with investment experts and representatives from SM Investments, BDO, and SM Prime, followed by an exclusive Q&A session.

SMart Investing will kickstart this journey towards financial literacy on August 22 in Cebu, at the Radisson Blu Hotel from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. The summit continues on August 23 at Cagayan de Oro for a 12:00 pm afternoon session at the Pryce Plaza Hotel. The last two days of the summit will be in Davao on August 25 at SM Lanang Premier, and in Manila on September 3 at SM Aura Premier, BGC Taguig, from 8:30am to 5:00pm on both days.

[UPDATED] *The Manila leg of the COL Smart Investing Summit has been rescheduled due to the potential disruptions that may be caused by a large comic convention occurring the same event day (August 27). COL Financial has decided to change the date and venue of the Manila portion of COL SMart Investing Summit to September 3 at SM Aura Premier, BGC Taguig to ensure a smooth and better experience to all attendees. 

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Tips and Tricks for a Successful Online Portfolio

This article is brought to you by Toptal.

Toptal screen a lot of designers, so over time they have learned what goes into making a captivating and coherent portfolio. Each designer’s portfolio is like an introduction to an individual designer’s skill set and strengths and represents them to future employers, clients and other designers. It shows both past work, but also future direction. There are several things to keep in mind when building a portfolio, so here is the Toptal Guide of tips and common mistakes for portfolio design.

1. Content Comes First

The main use of the portfolio is to present your design work. Thus, the content should inform the layout and composition of the document. Consider what kind of work you have, and how it might be best presented. A UX designer may require a series of animations to describe a set of actions, whereas the visual designer may prefer spreads of full images.


The portfolio design itself is an opportunity to display your experiences and skills. However, excessive graphic flourishes shouldn’t impede the legibility of the content. Instead, consider how the backgrounds of your portfolio can augment or enhance your work. The use of similar colors as the content in the background will enhance the details of your project. Lighter content will stand out against dark backgrounds. Legibility is critical, so ensure that your portfolio can be experienced in any medium, and considers all accessibility issues such as color palettes and readability.

You should approach your portfolio in the same manner you would any project. What is the goal here? Present it in a way that makes sense to viewers who are not essentially visually savvy. Edit out projects that may be unnecessary. Your portfolio should essentially be a taster of what you can do, a preparation for the client of what to expect to see more of in the interview. The more efficiently that you can communicate who you are as a designer, the better.

2. Consider Your Target Audience

A portfolio for a client should likely be different than a portfolio shown to a blog editor, or an art director. Your professional portfolio should always cater to your target audience. Edit it accordingly. If your client needs branding, then focus on your branding work. If your client needs UX Strategy than make sure to showcase your process.

Even from client to client, or project to project your portfolio will need tweaking. If you often float between several design disciplines, as many designers do, it would be useful to curate a print designer portfolio separately from a UX or visual design portfolio.

3. Tell the Stories of Your Projects

As the design industry has evolved, so have our clients, and their appreciation for our expertise and what they hire us to do. Our process is often as interesting and important to share with them, as the final deliverables. Try to tell the story of your product backwards, from final end point through to the early stages of the design process. Share your sketches, your wireframes, your user journeys, user personas, and so on.

Showing your process allows the reader to understand how you think and work through problems. Consider this an additional opportunity to show that you have an efficient and scalable process…


Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 3.31.24 PM



4. Be Professional in Your Presentation

Attention to detail, both in textual and design content are important aspects of any visual presentation, so keep an eye on alignment, image compression, embedded fonts and other elements, as you would any project. The careful treatment of your portfolio should reflect how you will handle your client’s work.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 3.32.27 PM


With any presentation, your choice of typeface will impact the impression you give, so do research the meaning behind a font family, and when in doubt, ask your typography savvy friends for advice.

5. Words Are As Important As Work

Any designer should be able to discuss their projects as avidly as they can design them. Therefore your copywriting is essential. True, your work is the main draw of the portfolio – however the text, and how you write about your work can give viewers insight into your portfolio.

Not everyone who sees your work comes from a creative, or visual industry. Thus, the descriptive text that you provide for images is essential. At the earlier stages of a project, where UX is the main focus, often you will need to complement your process with clearly defined content, both visual diagrams, and textual explanation.

Text can also be important for providing the context of the project. Often much of your work is done in the background, so why not present it somehow? What was the brief, how did the project come about?

Avoid These Common Mistakes

The culture of the portfolio networks like Behance or Dribble have cultivated many bad habits and trends in portfolio design. A popular trend is the perspective view of a product on a device. However, these images often do little to effectively represent the project, and hide details and content. Clients need to see what you have worked on before, with the most logical visualisation possible. Showcasing your products in a frontal view, with an “above the fold” approach often makes more sense to the non-visual user. Usually, the best web pages and other digital content are presented with no scrolling required. Avoid sending your website portfolio as one long strip, as this is only appropriate for communicating with developers.

Ensure that you cover the bases on all portfolio formats. Today it is expected for you to have an online presence, however some clients prefer that you send a classic A4 or US letterhead sized PDF. You need to have the content ready for any type of presentation.

Try to use a consistent presentation style and content throughout the projects in your portfolio. Differentiate each project with simple solutions like different coloured backgrounds, or textures, yet within the same language.

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Truly Rich Club: Change Is Here!



Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club 2.0 is Officially Open!

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