About The Blog

Hello there! Thanks for visiting Homeworks with Anna.  

This blog site was created to share ideas, free basic tutorials, reviews, tips and works related to arts, virtual assistance, and everything beyond freedom. This is a virtual home for people who simply want to explore, learn, share ideas, connect and work from their home – online. So, welcome! You’ve just found your virtual home.

This is also for self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to free up their time and be seen doing the things they love.

Who is “Anna” ?

Anna is the founder and blogger behind Homeworks with Anna. She blogs about her love for arts, adventures, exploring, working at home, beauty, travel, community service, music, spa and food. She is also interested about home, life, dreams, freedom and God.  Coming from working as advertising account executive for 2 years at a young age of 22, Anna finally decided to work at home as full time to live a life and work in freedom.

Why “Homeworks with Anna” ?

This was named as “Homeworks with Anna  because of two reasons.

First, because Anna was inspired to create a unique blog name as assigned by her Filipino Virtual Careers’ Guru, Jomar Hilario. She took the Virtual Assistance 2013 downloadable seminar to boost her knowledge and skills in working at home and dealing with her online clients. 

Second, because she simply do homeworks. Just a side story! There was a time when she was a kid, she take time to do her friends’ projects and get paid for it. It is just funny that she realized that it prepared her for her work at home career.

On this site, Anna and the followers would be able to improve and learn together by sharing how we can do better home works online.

Pages on this site includes:

About The Blog – This is the page you are in now. This introduces everything about this blog.

The Account Executive VA – You can found on  this page Anna’s services and portfolio as Virtual Professional.

Work with me – A page for you and Anna to connect. You can send your stories or inquiries for ads/sponsorship/press releases through the contact form.

Blog – Articles and blog posts about different categories are on this page.


Arts – Everything on this page are related to Arts.

Virtual Assistance -This page includes beginner-friendly tutorials, tips and guides for Homeworks.

Beyond Freedom – Stories, inspiration, tips, press releases and reviews  about adventures, travels, beauty, wellness, finances, life experiences and everything beyond freedom.


What lights a fire to Anna and what makes her heart sing?

Everything comes from Anna’s personal goal and experience.

1. Time Freedom:

> Being away from home and family made Anna a work-at-home advocate. She have this dream to live again with real “home”, “family“, “life” and “work” in freedom. She has been away from her family for 4 years of college and 2 years of working as an office employee and a dormer. There were family events that were missed and there were broken relationships and misunderstandings. She realized that she don’t want these things to happen again to her future family. She want to be physically there for them and don’t let them experience what she has experienced in the past. Anna want to give the best time, support and love for her family.

2. Passion Freedom:

>  Due to time and financial matters, Anna have seen that she have been limited to do the things she love and love to do – her passions in life. And It was a breakthrough when she finally started to become self-employed and be seen with what she really love to do. To help others with her services and creativity.

Time and Passion Freedom. These are the 2 things she also dream for others especially to her online clients.

To serve and help out other self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs free up their time and be seen with the things they do and love.

You know, It brings her so much joy whenever she was able to help them, see them successful and free in being seen and doing what they love. Because she know and have experienced the same way too!

In the end… What lights a fire to Anna and what makes her heart sing?

> it’s all about freedom and love! 


Homeworks? Let’s do it!


Now living a life and work in freedom,

Anna Termulo


2 thoughts on “About The Blog

  1. Marivic says:

    Hi I was just wondering of how to contact you, I cant find the right menu. Just wondering if you can do blogging for a certain website for a company and if so do you have sample works of it?

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