Photobooth and Clipchamp: An Easy Photo and Video Tool

On this tutorial homework, I’ll be sharing two easy tools that is useful for making videos and photos. There are several photo and video tools available but I have chosen to share the Photobooth and Clipchamp.


Photobooth is an application for the Mac computer that allows¬† users to take pictures, use amazing effects, record videos, and trim its recorded videos. I use this application whenever I don’t have a digital camera. It is fun and easy to use.

capture shoot communicate - Photobooth and clipchamp


Clipchamp is a Free online video converter, compressor & webcam recorder. This allows users to convert videos to MP4, WebM, GIF or WMV. Video recording with Clipchamp is up to five minutes long. I usually compress videos with Clipchamp in times that my video files are too big to send to my clients via email. It is really helpful.

Let me share with you how I use these apps!


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